Thursday, 12 April 2012

What a Journey

I listene to a lot of podcast's, and most of them have recently been talking about how amazing this small downloadable game called Journey is. Games like this justify why I bought my PS3. Journey is a PS3 exclusive title that was created by That Game Company, the team behind Flow and Flower. This was my first experience with the one of their games and I was blown away with how much enjoyment and pleasure I took away from the mere two hours it took my to complete my play through.
Journey is one of the most beautiful and simple games I have played in a long time. You simply control a unnamed character and are pointed towards a mountain with a glow emitting from its peak. For the next two hours I explored the world of Journey passing through deserts, underground forgotten cities, and snow covered cliffs.
If your PS3 is connected to the internet you will meet travelers on the way, you can simply ignore them or join up and continue your adventure together. There is no voice chat, only a simple chirping technique which allows a interesting amount communication between both parties. I enjoyed not being told by 12 year old I was a idiot for not following or listening to his poor directions instead the cheeps and chirps pointed me towards hidden objects and collectibles throughout my adventure.
Journey while short is a game that if you have the means to play is one you should enjoy. It is the perfect length and no game mechanic that is introduced throughout the story overstays its welcome or feels like it was placed in the game to increase the games length. At fifteen dollars it is more expensive then a regular downloadable title, but when compared to a 2 hr movie or playing Journey for 2 hrs I would take the game hands down.

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