Sunday, 1 April 2012

New Tech: Seagate GoFlex 1.5TB (STAA1500100)

The Specs:
1.5 TB storage
USB 3.0, and USB powered
5000 RPM
16MB data buffer
For PC and MAC

I got this as my birthday present.  Parents gave the perfect gift, a gift card to a tech store.  I was in need of an external drive because I have no backups.  I wanted something that was USB powered so I would not have to bring another power adapter when I travel, had at least 1 TB of storage, used USB 3.0, and was less than 150$.

I got everything I wanted out of it, except the price which was a little
above 150, but I still think its a great deal at 150-170$  This is the first device I've had that works on USB 3.0, which is faster and can carry more current then 2.0.  Its been awhile since I've had to move a ton of data but overall it went faster then expected.  I was able to move about 300GBs in about an hour.

One thing that annoyed me when looking up specs about this device is that I could not find a picture or specs on exactly what ports they used.  I saw a lot of hard drives that had a "USB 3.0 adapter" or did not explicitly say if it was USB powered or not.  So here's a picture of exactly what this device uses.
Overall very happy with this convenient little thing.  Another thing to note is that it's kind of tough getting the USB 3.0 connection into the socket.  takes a lot more force than 2.0 connections.  Makes sense given there are more physical connections (and therefore more friction) but thought it was worth noting.

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