Thursday, 19 April 2012

How to take apart a Blackberry Bold 9000 (for Cleaning, Fun, or Destructive Purposes)

So I have this old blackberry that is now obsolete.  Its not worth anything (50$ maybe), I cant seem to install apps on it without having a data plan (yet) so its useless.  So, out of boredom, I decide to take it apart and see what its made of.  It turns out to be a very easy little adventure.  So kiss your warranties goodbye and get out our your pocketknife.

Here's what its made of:
The tools I used (mostly the screwdriver)
Really that easy.  You don't have to worry about connected wires on the motherboard because they are all contact only.
Also there was a black sticker covering most of what you see here.  That can simply be peeled off (leaves annoying stickiness though).  It might be a good idea to put something back where the sticker was, between the battery and the EM shields, if you are going to use the phone much afterwards. 
Why don't I remove the ER shields and get a look at the CPU?  well I'm using a pocketknife, I figure my chances are not great.
Pretty Simple...

That clip is all that hold the trackball in.  You can now remove and clean it.
Putting it back together is pretty much as simple.  I was able to get everything back to how it was.  The buttons now feel better after removing all the dust, and the trackball its a little better too.

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