Saturday, 7 April 2012

How to Set up Gmail to Push Instead of Fetch Your Emails

I find it pretty annoying to have to manually sync Gmail or wait the 15 minutes for the iPhone to automatically fetch the data.  The native Gmail account setup on the iPhone does not allow push notifications for whatever reason, and I don't want a separate app just for my Gmail account.

So here's how to set up Gmail as a push instead of fetch service via "Microsoft Exchange"

1. Set up a new email account using microsoft exchange
2.      -Enter you Gmail account
         -Enter Domain as
         -Enter you gmail account again for username
         -Enter your Gmail password
         -Put in a description (Gmail perhaps...)
3. Press next, to get to the next screen
4. On this screen enter Server as (just like the picture)
5.  Authenticating...
5.  your done!  you can now choose if you want to sync contacts, calenders, or reminders.
6. You can manually chose specific folders to push by going to "Folders to push" at the bottom.
7.  I would also recommend you delete the old Gmail account, because then you will just get 2 copies of every email.

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