Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pictures from around Regina. (and a quick bit on the iPhone 4s' HDR Camera)

Some pictures I took around the city today on my bike ride.  I had HDR turned on for all of the pictures I took.  The iPhone automatically makes 2 pictures 1 with HDR and 1 without.  I find that the HDR works best in poor light conditions.  In low light conditions is brightens up the picture and for overexposed shots it tones down the brightness and even brings out more detail in the picture.  Sometimes the HDR looks better and sometimes the colors look a little too bright and washed out.

There are some comparison shots at the bottom.

Mosaic Potash Tower, under construction

Wascana Lake

Capitol Building

Quaint houses

Quite Quaint

That fence will not defend you from zombies sir!

Another view of the Mosaic Potash Tower.  It shows the crane and the cable which was just a couple meters above my head.

SGI building with the sun shining on it.  The reflection from the tower lights up the street bellow in an orange hue.

A plaza in downtown Regina.  Just to the right is Victoria Park.

McCallum Hill Center Buildings (I and II) as seen from Victoria Park.  The construction crane from the picture above can also be seen.

Another construction crane.  I believe that this is going to be the Center Square Place.  But i'm not sure

HDR Comparison Shots

The is an example where HDR is great to have.  The sun is reflecting off the glass wall and totally washing out part of the building.  With HDR you can get a lot more detail.  (HDR is on the Right)
Another really nice example of good HDR.  The colors are much more saturated, the lighting is better, and the picture overall looks much nicer.

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