Saturday, 21 January 2012

Skyrim Mods Issue 4 (last before CK)

Its almost the end of January and bethesda has confirmed that the Creation Kit along with the skyrim patch 1.4 will be out before the end of the month.  Meaning the Internet will explode with tonnes more skyrim mods and much more substantial game changing mods.  So this will be the last post before the CK comes out.  To be honest I have not played too much of skyrim,  I personally just did not enjoy it as much as I expected.  Its no ones fault but my own though.  I had very high and specific expectations that were not entirely fulfilled.  I'm not sure if I'm going to be modding skyrim as much as I first intended, but I will still be trying out lots of interesting mods and hopefully I find the ones that make the game just what I want it to be.

Mods I'm using:
For the most part this has not changed from the last Issue, simply updates.  See the previous Issue if you want to know more about the mods I'm using.

NEW:  Skyrim.ini settings:
Thanks to a fantastic article by Nvidia I tried messing around with skyrim's configuration or .INI files.
I changed a few graphics performance values.  the first one is for the number of cells shown in full detail.  I increased the default number 5 to 9.  This had significant performance impact of course but to be able to almost double the draw distance is fantastic.  I always found it kind of distracting to see the grass and rocks load in while I was walking.  having this setting to 9 really makes the games look much better.  The second thing I changed was the grass draw distance.  I changed the default 7000 max setting to 21000.  Tripling the maximum distance the game allows.  To my surprise this caused almost no impact on game performance, but the effect is quite nice.

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