Friday, 3 February 2012

Mobile app for blogger

This Is a simple test, and review of the features offered by google blogger's mobile app for iOS. I will be travelling to Japan in the spring and will be blogging here about all of the interesting things I come across. As my laptop is far to heavy to bring on this trip I will be using either my phone or the hostel's computers.

Probably the most important thing I need in this mobile app is the ability to add pictures. At the moment it looks like the pictures are in the labels tray at the bottom of the screen. I don't think I can add them into the text the way I want to.

The app won't let me resize the pictures individually, but I can choose the default size.  I also cannot move the pictures around in the app.  A bit of a let down, But I can make drafts in the app then go back to a computer for some final editing.

The picture on the right shows the app.  I three icons let you write a post, view the blog, and some basic options.  Overall the app is very simple.  I think It would be better with a lot more features, especially being able to move photos around.

Also the picture on the left is just a picture of the street by my house.

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