Monday, 9 January 2012

My Minecraft City

This is a minecraft project ive been working on for awhile.  I built some of it a long time ago (like beta 1.4) in survival mode and imported it to the new location.  But a lot of the taller buildings were made in creative mode from version 1.0.  I used a map editor to lower the entire map by about 40-50 blocks allowing me to build that many higher, I also used the editor to expand the city to hide all that annoying nature.  The only building that goes to max hight right now is the redish 2 circular tower building.

The first few images will be older ones from an online server I played on for awhile.  A lot of what I built there is not shocased here because it was lost :(
I built the volcano block by block without any plan.  I think it turned out pretty good.  The mansion looked great inside but I dont have any pictures.

And now the Main Project.
Also as a quick note the small white towers on the tops of the buildings are supposed to be antennas, because I built a lot of those before fences could be stacked.

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