Monday, 9 January 2012

New Tech: Logitech wireless keyboard K250

OK well its not exactly as exciting as an iPhone 4s, but new tech is still fun.  But why would I need a new wireless keyboard when I already have a perfectly good one?  Simple, this one has a num-pad, and function keys.  Also it was only 15$ at walmart (30$ on their website though) and I had to spend my gift card on something.

Its a nice change to go back to larger keys from the "Chiclet" style I had on my old one.  Ive been thinking about getting a mechanical keyboard, maybe Razor's, so this logitech one is a good way to get a feel for larger keys again.

The Keyboard itself is pretty basic.  I have extra function keys on the F1-F12 keys for things like music playback, and browser shortcuts.  Another reason to get this larger keyboard is because while playing starcraft I like to look around the map with the arrow keys, and the tiny uncomfortable position of those keys on the last keyboard was annoying. 

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