Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New Tech: Klipsch KW-100 10" powered subwoofer

Klipsch KW-100 10" Down-Firing 225-Watt Subwoofer Speaker (Single, Black)

I picked up this speaker from someone selling it online.  It was still in the package when I bought it, seemed the seller did not need it.  So I was able to get a nice deal on this sub.  This is the first sub woofer I've owned so I'm learning about things like "frequency response"(the frequency level that the sub kicks in).  A couple more specs on this device;  its down firing.  Down firing is pretty self explaining, meaning the speaker is aimed downward to send the low frequency sounds into the floor.  Unfortunately because I'm in the basement, and have carpet this does not shake the floor like it would if I were on the ground floor.  Its powered to 225 watts.  The wattage of a sub basically means how much sounds It can produce.  More power more bass.  Overall I am impressed with the amount of sounds this device makes.

Even on the lowest power settings (2-3 out of 10) the bass can be heard at the far corners of the house.  Meaning I have not had many chances to play the speaker really loud as it would disturb other people living here.  The loudest I have heard so far was around 6.

For music the sub is great.  Right now I only use a couple of computer speakers, which get the job done, but they are not a great match for such a powerful sub.  The extra bass add a lot to music, but the sound travels a lot farther then the smaller speakers.

Its also good for movies or video games.  A lot of ambient sounds are at a lower frequency and the sub is perfect for bring those sounds to life.  Explosions, gunshots, and magic fireballs all sounds much cooler with the sub.

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