Saturday, 10 March 2012

New Software: iOS 5.1

Along with the announcement of the iPad 3, or what apple is simply calling "the new iPad", a software update for iOS was also released. This update added a couple of things. There is a camera button always on the lock screen, some enhancements to make battery life better, and some other improvements. One interesting update for AT&T users is that the iPhone can connect to AT&T's HSPA+ network. HSPA+ is commonly known as 3.5G because it's faster than a 3G network but not as fast as an LTE (4G) network. However the iPhone shows the HSPA+ network as 4G so it would look like the iPhone magically became a 4G device, but its not. But a little extra speed is a always a good thing.

Now for my favorite update. Japanese language support for Siri. I've played around with it a bit and got it to do the basic Siri commands like setting a timer or playing a song. I don't use Siri all too often, but this update makes me use it more often just because I like to practice, and I feel smart using another language. Dictation is pretty good in japanese. Most of the mistakes are just my bad pronunciation.

Heres a translation of the picture above:

Me:  Morning
Siri: good morning Mackenzie!
Me: I want to listen to "Onna to otoko no lullaby game"
Siri: ok I will play "Onna to otoko no lullaby game"
Me: Thanks
Siri: I am happy that you are delighted.

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