Saturday, 10 March 2012

Minecraft Space Battleship

I started working in minecraft again after the 1.2 update. I was really pleased to hear they increased the maximum height. Doubled it actually. I wanted to build maybe not as big as other project I have done but more complicated. Involving redstone circuits that are more impressive than doors. So I built a spaceship with a bunch of dispensers that shoot arrows. There are over a hundred guns and they can fire between 6000-10700 arrows every minute. All of the circuits lead back to the control room where they can be started and stopped. There is also a parallel circuit for each one that controls a light in the control room where you can see if the circuits are active. So the light will blink when the guns are firing, and the blinking is synced with the timing of the shoots. Meaning the light will also tell you how fast you are shooting.

There are a few circuits that control lights throughout the ship. On the top floor there are lights in every room that can be set from the control room to blink on and off, this is a kind of "Red alert" state. The other interesting circuit is the landing lights on the landing deck. They blink in order leading you out of the landing bay, just like you would see on a real airstrip.

For the most part the circuts are hidden in the walls, and ceiling. there are maintenance doors on the lower level that let you access all of the guns, and circuits for reloading.

The engine does not do anything other than look cool. Its just a bunch of pistons working in sync to move water. I thought I would add it for aesthetic purposes.

A copy of the Map can be found Here.  Installation is simple 1. open the start menu and type %appdata% (yes with the %s)  then open .minecraft, then saves, then paste the newworld folder and your done.  (you must have the most up to date version of minecraft to open)

Engine room

Back of the ship, showing the landing deck
Front of the ship.  Showing the Guns, and Observation deck
The right side, showing the side guns and wings
The command centre.  The guns, lights, and engine
can all be started and stopped from this room

The rear, showing the propulsion system (water)

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