Saturday, 25 February 2012

New software: blackberry playbook OS 2.0

It has been.a couple days since the release of RIM's new OS.  Savy consumers should have taken advantage of the huge price drop on the playbook.  The new os brings all the things people wanted at the device's launch, such as the mail client, calender, and contacts.  It also add android app emulation.  This is primarily for the gaming apps.

Another really neat feature is the new virtual keyboard.  I always find the iPhones auto correct a little intrusive.  I would rather tap the correction to opt-in then opt-out.  RIM does well on this keyboard giving you several choices of words they think your trying to use.  and then tries to anticipate the next word.  This can be fairly useful and time saving.

There was a problem that I had with the old OS were the browser would not load pages.  This doesn't seem to be a wide spread problem but its gone now with the new OS anyway.

There are a bunch of other improvements to some apps that I don't use regularly like the "docs to go app" as well as blackberry bridge.  which now that I have an iPhone is not all too useful.

This new OS is a welcome advancement to the under appreciated tablet.

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