Saturday, 19 November 2011

SNSD release single "The Boys" in North America awhile ago, I finally notice.

So I have been a fan of Japanese and Korean pop music for a while now, about 4 years.  In my early experience with this music I was, and still am, a huge fan of the group Girl's Generation (SoNyeoShiDae or 소녀시대 in Korean).  Ever since I saw their music video for "Gee". 

Although I didn't like their move toward the more sexy image as much(Run Devil Run was good, but I don't like Hoot) so I moved toward more Japanese music, mostly from the Hello-Project groups like Morning Musume.

Anyway the newest single they released "The Boys" brought back interest for me in Girl's Generation.  So I've been reading more about the news at Soshified (A fan website for the group)  and just realized that Girl's Generation released "The Boys" internationally meaning that there is an English version!

I knew about how SNSD moved into the Japanese market, which turned out to be a big success for the group.  I like the Japanese versions of their music too, it translates pretty well.

so the SNSD "The Boys" single in Korean and English version:


Personally I like the Korean version better.  Just because they can sing better in their native language.  Tiffany and Jessica, having lived in the U.S. don't have the same problem, buy Yoona seems to have a tough time singing in English.

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