Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New Tech: multi-color, remote controled lightbulb

So finally after about 2 weeks of waiting I got this nifty little piece of tech.  Its a multi-color ( 15 colors) LED bulb.  Its remote controlled and from the remote you can change the colour, have it fade between colors, chose between 4 levels of brightness and turn it on and off.  It uses a infra-red sensor just like your tv remote so you have the point the remote more or less directly at the light bulb.  Theres a "setup" button but im not sure what it does.  I assume its to link a light bulb to a remote if you have more than 1 of these light bulbs, but there was no setup for just one.  I just twisted it into a normal light bulb socket and it worked.

I am slightly disappointed with the maximum brightness of it though.  even on the highest setting it's not very bright.  Its not even enough to light up my tiny little room, but its perfect for a reading lamp, or just something to do homework on.

Its very reasonably priced at 32$ which also included shipping.

the url for their website:

Also on their website are long strips of the same multi-color LEDs, they are much more expensive and require some installation, but I wonder if a meter long strip would provide more light than the one light bulb.

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