Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Skyrim Mods Issue 2

well still no SDK meaning there's still no serious mods, but there are lots and lots of new HD higher res textures for, well everything.  Basically modders take the textures, put them into photoshop, and use image upscaling algorithims to increase the detail of the texture.  That's not the case for all the textures though, some are being remade from scratch, by finding photorealistc scenes then applying them cleverly to the texture .dds file.  This all means there is a noticeably much better texture. 

On my side of things I've started messing with textures too, downloaded a photoshop trial from their website, got the nvidia plugin for .dds files, and used the fallout mod manager to extract the .dds files from the skyrim textures.bsa

unfortunately I had already used my trial and they only let me open photoshop once, so I didn't do much.  Been looking at a good way to buy photshop but even with the full education discount its really expensive (around 230$).

Once the SDK (software development kit, or in bethesda's case the  "TES 5 creation kit") is released that will allow modders to create new weapons instead of just replacing the textures of the current ones.  That's just the tip of the iceberg though because there is a lot you can do with that kit, from making new spells, to making new continents, and more.  Personally I want to create a mod that speeds up all of the weapon swinging animations, and lets you attack while jumping/falling.  Also I want to make a few items from the anime Naruto, and play as a ninja :D

Mods I'm Using:
amazing smooth females complete, ultra smooth females V3
     The name gives it away, but this mod makes the skin textures for female characters smother

Enhanced Distant terrain
      Uses higher res textures for distant terrain, making it look a lot better

Enhanced night Skyrim
      Higher resolution night sky, adds more stars, makes the night look even better.

Eyes Skyrim
      Higher resolution eye textures

       Lets you jump about 4 times higher, lots of fun.

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