Friday, 9 December 2011

Skyrim Mods Issue 3

There isn't much important news about mods right now.  Bethesda said the SDK will be out in January sometime.  I have not spent too much time lately with modding, because of exams.  But I did download and install a bunch of tools to get me started once I have a little more time.  I was able to make a simple mod where I changed the colour of the ebony armour, but that's was more of a test of concept then an actual mod.  One annoying thing about modding so early after the release of the game is that there are constant updates to mods.  Within a day I can be two or three versions out of date.  Thankfully the mod manager has a little alert for updates to mods, also installs them automatically sometimes. 

So in this Issue I will just show a bunch of cool/interesting/funny mods that I've seen pop up on the nexus site.  Also I have an updated "Mods I'm using" section.

Mods I'm using:
jump 250  makes the jump height about 4 times higher
Telthalions Finer Hair:  makes the hair textures softer, better appearance
Better females by Bella:  Makes females prettier, works on character and NPCs
True Darker nights:  This changes the lighting at night.  Makes it much much darker.
Enhanced Distant Terrain:  texture improvement for distance terrain
Enhanced night skyrim:  Higher resolution night sky.  a lot more stars.  This mod also includes a "Colour Galaxy" option that makes the galaxy brighter and more colourful.
Saturn as moon with rings:  changes the moon to Saturn.  Pretty cool to look at.
Moon size Tweak:  makes the moon up to 3x bigger.  I'm using this with the Saturn mod, looks great.

Cool Mods:
Lightsabers yup lightsabers
Zelda: Link Play as link from zelda.  The mod includes clothes, master sword, shield, and bow from the zelda games.
Play Skyrim With Kinect:  Not a completed mod yet.  Only computer science majors could probably figure out the installation process, still an interesting mod none the less.
High Res Galaxy: Uses a really high texture (8000x4000) for the galaxy.  looks great in the pictures.
Naks Magic Animation Overhaul very cool mod that I will probably get myself at some point.  This changes the animations used in third person for magic.  Watch the videos from the link to see.
Cool Items Pack  adds some more weapons to the game.  Some are completely new, and some are retextures of two handed weapons that can be used as one hand ones. 
Laugh Track Mod Causes humiliating laughter when you fail at something(break lockpick, fail to create potion etc)

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