Friday, 9 December 2011

Jpop: Holiday PVs from H!P are in full swing

Its been just under a month since the Busu Ni Naranai Tetsugaku single went on sale, from the collaboration group Mobekimasu.  A combination of the current Hello! Project groups Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, -ute, S/mileage, and soloist Mano Erina.  Personally I thought this single was great.  The Combinations from some of the best singles of different groups made a great new sound.

And now H!P is releasing new PVs for the holiday single releases.  First up is was S/mileage with their single Please Miniskirt Postalwoman! Its the first single to feature the new members in a singing role.  It sounds like there is a lot of sound effects being done to their voices in this single.  I think this is because the new members are not all too great at singing yet, so the effects will help mask that at live performances.  There is clear difference in ability between the more experienced members and the new ones, as to be expected.  But I think the group would have been better off taking one or two members from Hello! egg and keeping the group size smaller.  Rather than finding 5 new people will very little experience.  I predict that the Morning Musume will have the same problem after taking on another 5 members so early after the 10th generation was added.  There's too much fresh talent in H!P it will take some time before the new members can perform as well as their predecessors.

Today(09/12) the PV for Mano Erina's new single Doki Doki Baby was released.  From the first few seconds you could tell that this single is going to be much more popy than My Days For You.  As soon as it said "Mano Erina in Akihabara" I could tell.  The cute image suits Erina really well, even with her deeper voice.  The new single has some interesting points, the first thing I noticed was the cinema like 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  The wider screen allows for more to be shown to the sides of the main target, but I hope this new aspect ratio doesn't catch on because I'm not buy a new TV for awhile, and I like how 16x9 looks, and how it fills the screen.  Another interesting point is the appearance of the iPad1.  Its only on screen for about a second, but it's nice to see two of my interests combined in such a nice way :)

I look forward to the new releases, especially Morning Musume.  I'm curious about these new members I've heard so little about.

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