Wednesday, 26 October 2011

First Post

I will start with a quick introduction and explain what i will be posting here.
    My name is Mackenzie im a 20 year old student studying Engineering in Canada.  I moved from my parents home at 18 to go to school.  I always had a good relationship with my parents and with the few close friends that kept.  I had no good reason to travel so far for school.  All of my friends went to the near by college, and I could have easily done the same.  But I felt I needed to see somewhere new.  Sometimes I regret leaving.  I have definatly become a different person and the choices I made to come here have influenced that, But I have matured and found some happiness here. 

As for this blog.  I will post things here that are intersting to me, and things that have happened in my life.  I play a lot of video games and some of the posts will be related to that.  I watch a lot of anime, and listen to a lot of Japanese music so some of the posts will be related to that.  Also I have a persistant interst in technology, computers, and science so I will post news and my opinions on things related to that.

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